Rental Vehicles And You – Lakeland Body Shop & Collision Center Rental Vehicles

Being in a automobile accident can be tough enough, but finding out your insurance company doesn’t cover rental car coverage can make it even more complicated if you have an extended repair. Like most insurance, you really do get what you pay for and extras sometimes just increase your monthly premium. Even worse, some insurance companies don’t even offer rental insurance in case you are in an accident. 

It’s difficult to say exactly how long a repair can take until the damage is assessed. Making sure you have transportation during your repair is essential to get to work, school and even the grocery store. If your insurance company does not offer rental insurance during your repair or you just don’t have the coverage, we might be able to help! 

Let our expert team of collision specialists evaluate your damage and along with a free estimate we will let you know if you qualify for free or a reduced rate rental. Not sure if your insurance policy does cover a rental vehicle? Our collision specialists will check with your insurance company and see what we can do.

Simply call (863) 583-9252 or Schedule a Repair and let our team help you in your time of need. After all… we’re here to help!